Sunday, June 14, 2009

What A Big Surprise in My hEaRt!

My B'daY CakE....YeaH!
Where is Alice go????
Actually i aM taLLer than gark.....hehe!
We are CraZy man~~~~
Spicy Chicken(Ah Ming) & Me! Wan Chee N Me
I am Eating the chocolate of my Cake!
WaH~~~~Si en close her Eyes again!
Can u Saw my Pimples?
All My BeSt FrIenDs....

What a big Surprise FOrEver in my HeArT !
13th of June....My frens invite me to gurney For movie but i decide to buy ticket first but Wan Chee n Ming dun wan let me buy it!Suddenly Jaslyn call me and she ask where am i,izzit i hang out with frens then i ask her y and she told me she gonna join!then i still wonder of the movie ticket but my frens still dun wan buy it!after walking around half an hour my frens say wanna go n eat because they say i must be hungry n i feel it too!Nothing feel weird and i decide to eat sushi king then we went in!Wan Chee say she wanna go to toilet then i continue order a lot of sushi!All of Sudden i saw a Cake holding on Si En hand and walk in with Alice,on that moment i duno what to say and i juz laughting there!What a Sweet Sweet Memory !

Thanks alot FoR All My BeSt FriendS.....

Monday, June 8, 2009

What I thinK~~~~

Life is Complicated....many things happen around us!
Do u Think people have a second chance in Life?
i think yes....because some prisoner came out from jail if they really have the mind to change themselves and we believe so i think that's a way they can change their life!
Since a lazy person did not study through all the year and score bad result in Exam but once he or she start everything seriously it may change!
Nowadays everyone in this world is hard to find a Best Friends but i have a nice n good friends here(Wan Chee,Si En,Precious,Alice,Jaslyn,Ming Ming,Hong Gark)!
everyone have different attitude ,it is just how u feel n what r u think so!
Patient and keep calm is very important but not everyone can make it!